What is the Long Throw Cat?

 The weight is used to cast a light, long-distance, low-distance bow angle a long way.

 The trailer is used to slowly pull the bow angle at the end of the long throw.

This is a kind of tool for using bow angle that has been buzzed about on Youtube and certain social networking sites in Japan in 2022. The main target fish is bluefish, and unlike lures, which are difficult to use, the frightening thing is that you can catch them by simply reeling them in. The Japanese traditional fishing tool, the “Bow Horn”, is a formidable tool that often produces good results even in situations where the bait is too small to be caught with lures. The line-up is presented in grams, so that even those who normally fish mainly with lures can enjoy trolling (bow angle).

How to use the Long Throw Cat

1, Prepare tackle that can throw a 40~60g lure or a No. 16 load.

Specifically, a rock rod No. 4 or a rod for shore jigging, etc., and a reel that can reel 100m of nylon No. 3 or PE No. 1~1.5 are sufficient.

2、Prepare a bow angle.

Bow horns can be purchased from amazon or fishing tackle shops. It can be difficult to obtain at fishing tackle shops, so online shopping is recommended. Spoons and lightweight lures may help you find unexpected fish.

3, Prepare about 1.5 m of nylon or fluorocarbon 3~5 thread.

Any line is fine, but a line with some bounce is recommended as it tends to tangle when throwing a long cast cat.

4, Connect as shown in the diagram on the right.

It is not difficult, but if you prepare two swivels with snaps, one for the main line and one for the bow angle side, it will be easier to change the bow angle, lure, etc.

5, Casting with care backwards!

Long casting cat + bow angle tricks are long, so cast more carefully than usual.

6, All that remains is to reel it in!

Reel slowly, reel fast, stop once and reel again. …. Hit patterns of the day vary! You don’t need to take any action with the rod, but try to find out the pattern of the day by the way you reel it in! If you get into it right, you can even catch a few bluefish. …. Try spoons and lightweight lures as well as bow horns, depending on your preference.

If you catch enough of the fish you want…

Awesome! Lots of fish caught!Let’s go to home!

Are you forgetting something?

Clean up afterwards. Be a sensible fisherman and leave no rubbish behind.


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